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How to Install a Meta Pixel to Your Shopify Site

Installing your Meta Pixel correctly is a fundamental step in the world of digital marketing and online advertising. The Meta Pixel is a small piece of code that packs a powerful punch, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your website's visitor behavior. When installed accurately, it serves as the eyes and ears of your online business, providing critical data on how users interact with your website.

Here is how to do it!

Step 1: Access Your Meta Pixel ID

  1. Log in to your Meta Business Manager account.

  2. In the Business Manager, navigate to "Events Manager."

In your meta business suite, on the left hand side menu bar. click on the 3 lined button. This will open the all tools navigation. At the bottom left of the navigation find event manager link. It is the second link from the bottom. Now press event manager it will take you to a new browser.
Meta Business Suite Navigation

3. Click on the pixel you've created or want to use. You'll find your Pixel ID there. Note this ID as you'll need it for the installation. To find your pixel code follow the steps from here:

To find the pixel id. Click on 'set up pixel' button.
Event Manager - How to find Pixel Id

Now select Use Partner Integration

To integrate your pixel select the 'check partner' button to prompt you to the next instruction. Now Find the shopify button and click on it. it will then take you to more instructions.
Pixel Integration

Step 2: Access Your Shopify Store

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

Step 3: Add Meta Pixel to Shopify:

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to "Online Store" and select "Preferences."

  2. Scroll down to the "Facebook Pixel" section.

in online preference scroll down to facebook pixel and press set up facebook.
Shopify Meta Pixel set up

Install the Facebook & Instagram App, and follow the suggested prompts to install the app to the site.

3. Enter your Meta Pixel ID in the provided field.

4. Check the box that says, "Enhance your customer data by sending event data to Facebook."

5. Click "Save."

Step 4: Verify Your Pixel Installation:

  1. After saving your Pixel ID, it's a good practice to verify if the pixel is tracking correctly. To do this, go back to your Meta Business Manager's Events Manager.

  2. Under the "Data Sources" section, select "Web."

  3. You should see your Pixel ID listed here. Click on it to see the details.

  4. In the "Event Test Mode" section, click the "Test Events" button.

Find your data source you are implementing into your site, then press test events
Event Manger Data Source

5. Enter your website URL to test if the pixel events are working. Your Shopify store will open in a new browser tab, start to navigate through various pages, and perform actions like adding items to the cart, completing purchases, etc.

Enter in URL in the suggested bar then press open website. it will open a new browser with your site.
Entering in your site URL to Test Events

6. Go back to your Meta Business Manager's Event Test Mode and click "Open Test Events."

You should see the events you triggered on your Shopify store listed here if the pixel is working correctly. As you can see the events are firing correctly.

This images shows the test events are firing correctly.
Test Events Working

Step 5: Publish Your Changes:

  1. After verifying that the pixel is working as expected, don't forget to click the "Publish" button in the Shopify admin under "Online Store" > "Preferences" to save your changes.

That's it! Installing Meta Pixel to Shopify site, Your Meta Pixel is now installed on your Shopify store and tracking events. It's important to regularly check the performance of your pixel in Meta's Event Manager to ensure that it's tracking the data you need for your advertising and marketing efforts. You can also set up custom events for more granular tracking, depending on your specific business goals.

If you require a manual installation for your pixel feel free to contact us and we can help!

View our services or contact us page for additional information.



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